Deconstruct your bs

To retain an honest life in a highly dishonest time you’ll have to suffer greatly ; loss of belonging, friction, projections, rejection, betrayal. And the price to avoid that, to ‘just mind your own business’ is yourself. You sell yourself out to survive and progress in an incongruent reality. That’s the tea, that’s the hustle, that’s the goals.

Who Can Ignore The Systematic Mess And Collective Neurosis Long Enough Till They Make Up For It Economically?

At best, people will attempt to do away with this moral dilemma by putting the onus of change on the establishment and society without having to live in their truth. Like yeah, I would have been honest and myself but you know capitalism, and patriarchy and corporate violence. Like, I could lose my job and there aren’t any safety nets to catch my fall so that needs fixing. Anyways, where was I in deconstructing social stability?

Adding static and noise to the chaos because they don’t want to go inwards and lose the attachment to what’s certain.

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