Jenifer Lewis : We can’t….oooh, it’s too deep y’all..

Gio: * with a reassuring shrug * we got our scuba gear.

I think I’ve finally found my greatest need in a partner : to have that willingness to dive deep and to reassure me when I’m afraid I can’t. This epiphany is profound in my journey and in my healing process because I’ve always censored, repressed, placed my feelings second to everything because I genuinely thought that my sensitive nature was a nuisance and an obstacle for others. People would either tell me I’m too sensitive or I look into things too deeply, or to stop thinking so much, or stop caring so much, or my questions would be made to seem unnecessarily eccentric and pretentious even.

I always managed myself. Not anymore. It’s terrifying but I’m not adapting myself to others anymore. Whoever will drown will drown.

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