Camera tricks

Emotionally immature men view life like a picture, that they control and airbrush and they will pick you based on your pose, how you enhance his flow. You present yourself as an image to be framed by him.

But life is not a still shot. You’re in it but you don’t own it. You’re in it and it doesn’t matter how you show up in each frame. If you’re afraid of being moved by life in ways that you can’t control how you appear to the stationary bystander, then it’s no wonder that you gravitate towards a guy who has an iron grip on life and won’t budge unless it’s a better shot.

How do you expect a man to hold up to your intense scrutiny that requires him to be vulnerable and set aside his armours if you’re afraid of being vulnerable with your essence and move outside the frames? You can’t mix and match with life. You can’t cut and paste different facets as if life were a scrapbook. You have to move to the space you want to be met in. And that’s a tough but worthwhile journey, I’ll tell you that. Regardless of the outcome, you can never lose by seeking out your essence and truth.

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