Advice I’d give to young women ( what I wish someone would tell me as a 16 year old)

  1. Invest in your character.
  2. Pray to God to love you and keep you strong during the times when it’s the thickest.
  3. Never allow anyone or anything to make you doubt your heart.
  4. Commit to your intuition unconditionally.
  5. Have trust that the dreams and aspirations that come from your heart are teasers sent to you from Allaah and so you never have to worry about the possibility of anything.
  6. Be brutally honest with yourself and never allow anything to cloud your discernment of reality.
  7. Allaah’s Mercy outstrips any problem so there’s never a reason to beat yourself when you’re down.
  8. Never blame anyone for your feelings.
  9. Enforce your boundaries regardless of how people may react.
  10. Don’t view yourself through the eyes of those who judge you.
  11. It’s better for you to suffer for your heart than let your heart suffer for the comfort of your ego.
  12. Always look for the lesson and pattern in things.
  13. Never do anything out of a sense of obligation. Do it because you choose to, knowing no one is entitled to your efforts.
  14. Never put up with anything because you fear what would happen if you don’t. Accept the fear, and choose what your heart needs and let Allaah deal with the chips.
  15. Cultivate and nourish your faith by accepting your life unconditionally and then asking for Allaah to walk and be by you every step of the way.
  16. See the divinity in all and everyone.
  17. There will never be a time when being loving and being truthful would be a mistake; it’ll either expose those unworthy to receive it or it’ll attract those able to reciprocate it.

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