A love nest

I’m of the view that a relationship should be the fruits of a union, not the roots to settle on. Each party should have the relationship rooted in their hearts, sacrificing for a value shared and preferring the higher good of the union to one’s self.

Then and only then will the outcome become fruitful and even in wintry times or drought, the union is held together by the roots nestled in the hearts of the lovers. A romantic union can’t survive without the inner stability of both individuals.

A relationship can’t go deeper than you have within yourself and it can’t provide what is lacking in you. It only reflects and amplifies what’s within you, for good or bad. It’s intense and exposes many whose dedication to the transpersonal is shallow. Although the coming together of two individuals is interpersonal, the third energy which is the union is always transpersonal. That is, something bestowed by the divine.

And that’s why a sacred relationship is a marriage. That’s the meaning of a marriage ; the carrier of the transpersonal.

“There is a third kind of relationship, the only lasting one, in which it is as though there were an invisible telegraph wire between two human beings. He said, “I call it, to myself, the Golden Thread.

This may be masked by other forms of a relationship. And other forms may be present without any such thread in them.

It is only when the veil of maya, of illusion, is rent for us that we can begin to recognize the Golden Thread.


And just as it is impossible to individuate without relatedness, so it is impossible to have real relationships without individuation.

For otherwise illusion comes in continually, and you don’t know where you are.”

– C. G. Jung, C. G. Jung Speaking : Interviews and Encounters

Illusions cause separation from truth. Union only happens through clarity.

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