Live a little at last

You can’t grow or heal without love. That love starts by realizing that you were created with intention and divinity. Anything that happens to you is in a measured fashion and with wisdom to bring you to your highest good. Also, blaming yourself and shaming yourself for what you find difficult to do or are unable to do will only make things worse. Being harsh on yourself is not a solution! Understand that the reality you’ve been indoctrinated in isn’t based on truth, it’s based on competition and power. You have to find your own truth through understanding that all your experiences were valid and had a distinct purpose. Understand that you were never meant to be perfect, because perfection doesn’t evolve. It just is. Only when you revisit your perceptual filters and mindsets can you see what version of reality you’re tuned into. And that can only happen through love because you will need to surrender to God’s mercy and truth and hope. You won’t know everything and you don’t need to know everything. You just need to remain in the present with whatever is in your capability to handle.

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