Hope isn’t predicated on external factors or situation. It isn’t predicated on probability or possibility. It’s an affirmation of everything you are and everything you envision and trusting that the one who created it all and sustains it all will create the means for your wishes. It’s to let the world around you adapt to you and not the other way around, because Allaah created the universe and everything in it for humans to find fulfillment and to find Him.

Any limitations on the fulfillment of something or the “realistic” adjustment of what one hopes for is a gross underestimation of Allaah and a denial of His generosity. He would not inspire you with false hopes only to yank it away or put it beyond your reality. What for, when He is the most. Merciful who sent countless prophets and scriptures to remind mankind of the truth, and placed within all of creation fractals of His divinity and intricate signs that marvel the observer? Why would He leave you hanging when nothing decreases His kingdom?

The only block to a manifestation of what we hope is what’s in our hearts. Either flawed, subconscious mindsets such as the aforementioned that sabotage you or something that needs to be cleared out to make space for that reality.

You can’t gauge what’s going to happen based on external circumstances or whether what you hope for is worth longing for, because the external circumstances are only a projection of your internal condition! The reality we see is called the phenomenal reality and it’s what we perceive of absolute or noumenal reality through our filters and senses. In other words, phenomenal reality is not the complete truth and therefore not constant.

The only complete truth is Allaah and that’s why hope can only be actualized through relying on Him for your needs because there are countless factors and unknowables that are connected to our desires. It’s not linear. Therefore, it can only emerge through divine order and creativity.

Your dreams can only manifest the way you manifested : through His divine will.

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