Not so eventful

The spiritual atmosphere of the world is actually extremely toxic; more toxic than the physical environment and seas that we stay worried about. In fact, the physical degradation of the planet and toxicity is a direct result of the toxicity that has beset humanity today. I do not say this in a vague, esoteric manner. It’s very, very real. The more sensitive of us are either debilitated by depression – the asphyxiation of spirit – or have lost the battle and died by suicide. We’re the canaries in the coal mines, and people seem to think we fall prey to these seemingly mysterious phenomena because we’re somehow weaker or less ambitious than others. But we’re perishing as the animals are and the environment is eroding. The suffering is writ large on the horizon, and yet we burrow even deeper into the landfill of hedonism and hoard illusions of disconnection. There’s nowhere to escape earth. There’s nowhere to escape your mind. There’s nowhere to escape Allaah. The healing of one person, the waking up to one’s own suffering without bypassing straight into theories of global domination of the dark cabal and chemtrails, is infinitely more powerful than America. I do not say that lightly or hyperbolically. One truthful heart is enough to channel the divine light. But we can’t keep skipping past the “boring” part right into dancing in fields, ascending to new earth, and namaste all day. It doesn’t work that way. We actually have to clean things up, transmute things, be in the dark and the dirty until it’s not so dark or dirty. We can’t just elect to teleport elsewhere or wish to discover other planets to escape to.

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