I know you so well

In the face of intense fears and doubts, affirm the reality of Allaah and He’ll affirm you and make your reality firm. You can’t withstand these powerful illusions by mere wit or willpower. It’s ironic that we abandon ourselves when we feel the weakest, the most in pain, the most scared, the most lost, because we don’t have anything to counter with. So we shut it down and go out into the world to compensate. But it’s in those moments when you not only need to feel into these drastic feelings that no doubt make you feel like you’ll be annihilated by them, but you need to surrender your limited and fugitive self to the al-Xayy al-Qayyoom; the Ever Living, Ever Enduring. He’s the absolute reality. There’s no competing reality. He’s the originator of realities, the sustainer of everything. Illusions only exist in the places where you’ve mentally disconnected from this fact. They are the shadows cast by your ego and the only reason why they still exist is because you’re not willing to surrender your ego.

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