Existential core

The truth is what doesn’t disintegrate. The truth doesn’t contain any chaos. It’s the only thing that keeps the cosmos in check. Contrary to widespread belief, life is mostly good. This world is mostly good. Chaos and tragedy are visitors, not fixtures. Evil appears loud because it’s not integral, and its loudness is a survival mechanism, to keep away from the harmony. Evil can’t stand harmony. It melts like a vampire in the sun. If the cosmos wasn’t based in harmony and symmetry, there wouldn’t be any life or order at all. There wouldn’t be any growth, any birth, any beauty, any recovery, any healing, any discovery, any innovation, any laughter, any evolution, any cycles, any systems, any colours, any resonance, any consistency.

Love is all around us but we don’t notice it because most of it goes towards shielding and protecting us from the threats of chaos and evil around us.

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