Lost at sea

You can’t capitalize on who you are. You can’t transfer your essence to give someone else the immediacy of being, you can’t quantify feelings, you can’t make others see you the way you are, you can’t ensure that anyone but Allaah will ever see your inner self and opt to relate to it. And that’s a scary prospect that can deter most because that means loneliness can’t be excluded and certainty can’t be secured. It makes for a claustrophobic prospect that has a person annihilate themselves in repetitive and incessant doing that makes them forget about that existential uncertainty.

The irony is that loneliness and uncertainty is guaranteed when you’re estranged from yourself. That’s why we have so much freedom and infinite possibilities, yet very little diversity. The trends, the films, the music, the social media is becoming paradoxically impoverished and limited. People seek to distinguish themselves by excelling in what everyone else is focused on at the moment.

Such bizarre times really

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