Peace is always silent

Fear threatens to erode your truth by what could be a possibility. What fear does is that it creates a need for the illusion of control by making you feel as though you can stop something from happening before it happens. But that’s all a farce meant to make you give up your truth of this moment so that you become scattered and unable to bring your light and anchor it in this world. Nothing that the fear is convincing you of is worse than willingly diving into a chaos of endless configurations of what could happen, and forfeiting what is actually happening around and within you: life.

If there was any good in being able to control what happens, Allaah would let us live all of life in one day. If there was any good in avoiding the object of one’s fears, Allaah would never have decreed it to happen in the first place. You may not know everything and how it will eventually flow together, but trust the one who does because He has your highest expression and potential guiding everything you go through and everything that happens to you.

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