Touché, douche

How do you know it’ll come true? What if it never does actualize, after all this time of you holding your heart open to something? Haha, your feelings are so fickle

the cunning voice whispered, taunting me with things to poke hole in my heart’s truth. Its been the recycled rhetoric to keep my passion in check and to deflate my drive. How am I to prove something before I even have a chance to let it sink in?

Tonight I broke free by retorting

Regardless of outcome, I know what I feel in my heart and what resonates with me and I don’t need it to manifest before my eyes for me to know what’s real. This is the reality of my heart and what happens henceforth I leave to Allaah with the hope that it will manifest in my physical reality. I don’t have control over outcomes or the fate I encounter on the paths I choose. That is in the realm of Allaah which I will not overstep, and I trust His wisdom and discernment.

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