Toroidal field

If you’re finding the path dense, if you’re overwhelmed by how gloomy the world appears to be, if you’re burdened by all the internal and external obstacles in your way remember this

You’re being actively dissuaded by demonic forces whose entire existence depends and is based on snuffing out the light in the hearts of mankind and the love between people.

Don’t believe everything you sense or think. Don’t internalize it and take it on as cold facts. What is disturbing you and weighing you down isn’t the circumstances or the obstacles, but the light in you that you’ve been distracted and disconnected from. When you view things from your truth, from a place void of illusions, you view things through the divine eye. Because it’s not you who moves the obstacles, it’s not you who finds the way, it’s not you who possesses the drive and ambition to envision what’s not yet there. All of those things are bestowed upon you by Allaah’s grace and generosity. And when you forget that, you’re left viewing the world how it would be if you didn’t have Allaah. But you do, and you don’t need to do anything special to qualify for His aid. We’ll never stop sinning, just like we won’t stop defecating. But that doesn’t mean we stop washing ourselves every time, no?

You connect to Him through reaffirming and reestablishing what your truth is; what you’re feeling, what you’re desiring, what you’re thinking. Don’t worry about how it may sound or what exactly to ask for. Just talk to Him. Tell Him, I’m buried in debt, I’m late on my assignments, I hate my life, I feel life is unfair. Even if you have anger towards Allaah, express it because that’s not yours. He knows it. By telling Him, oh Allaah I have these not so good thoughts about You and it was triggered by this and this, and I just want relief and clarity.

Really, don’t let anything be used against you. Refine the image you have of Allaah, it’s most likely false and is similar to the image of your parents, who were the absolute authority you grew up under. It’s scarily easy for that image to just be transferred to Allaah, if we don’t meticulously establish our own connection to Him, through a lens intimate to us.

Feeling despair and difficulty and darkness is not normal. Don’t accept it as the way things are. Allaah will aid you unconditionally, but you have to establish that channel in order to receive it.

Beware of the following elements, as they are the body odour of shaytaan. They are reminders that you need to lighten and freshen up:

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Restriction
  • Limitations
  • Scarcity
  • Betrayal
  • Abandonment
  • Loss

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