4th system

The internet is chock-full with disillusioned people who conflate finding clarity about a pathology with finding a pathology is clarity.

It’s like they think if they crush the mirrors and dress the distress in words, somehow that will transmute the object of these refracting and reflecting and fractal and fragmented energies.

It won’t. You can continue until you’ve ascended into a new dimension of the English language, but this isn’t about the mind or the external world. The roots are out of reach of mental gymnastics and mazes. It can only be accessed and healed by meeting it sans resistance and expectations. Letting it change you as much as you want to change it. Let the truth be the mediator.

But that won’t happen because the truth brings out what’s in the shadows, and it’s what’s in the shadows that we fight so desperately to project on the Other.

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