Spring Cleaning

Just threw away damn near 30% of my clothes that i haven’t worn in 2 years. I was a bit hesitant because I had a thought that said , what if I need it, but then I was like bitch I need my energy more and these things are cluttering my energy field because the only reason I still have them here is because I’m hoping to fit back into them some day. Well, when it gets to that I’ll buy new clothes that suit my energy, not old clothes ridden with body dysmorphia and self hate vibes.

And I kid you not, my facial structure changed. I put the clothes in a big bag and put it near the door and went into the bathroom. I look in the mirror and my facial structure is different!! My eyes and my eyebrows are so different. My eyebrows are fuller and more arched and rounded. My eyes are more prominent and lighter (although they’ve been getting lighter since the start of the year. Hopefully it’s not a sign of deficiency) and my eyelashes became darker, to the point where it looks like I applied eyeliner. Mind you, I haven’t touched any makeup in over 1.5 years.. So I’m like wut……… And it’s not a subtle change that I could be mistaken by looking at it too hard. No, it’s like, wut..

Now, I know energies have an effect. But to this extent??? I take it to mean my third eye got cleared up because I’m finally seeing myself as I am now, not in connection to hopes of being different to be acceptable. And the fact that this took place on the spring equinox? Auspicious, bi idnillaah.

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