Disease and disconnection are the only things that spread fast, because it’s disjointed and not processed. Pathology is not rooted anywhere, and its main purpose is to spread havoc by disrupting ecosystems and harmony. It goes where it doesn’t belong, takes what doesn’t belong to it. Complete disregard for order and harmony.

Healing and growth need roots, need to sink in deep and marinate. It’s a slower process because it’s coordinated. It’s one of bringing the scattered pieces together, communicating with different parts. The immune system is a complex network and consists of many different functions and processes.

The term viral (as in, virus) is disquieting. Like a fever, viral trends hold our attention in short, intense spurts before it abruptly subsides. People are held in hypnosis and as if someone had snapped their fingers, we all lose interest in the meme, the story, the dance craze of the moment. That’s because our apparent unity wasn’t one that arose from an interconnectivity, but one commanded by the hypnotic effect of the hive mind.

It’s ironic that the more disconnected we are from ourselves and each other, the more generic and automated we become. Our connection is replaced by conformity. Our individuality is replaced by opinions. Our awareness is replaced by consumerism.

We’re wilting, like autumn leaves. Yet we think the tree was holding us back. We think playing with the wind is freedom. Little do we know about the winter that’s approaching.

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