Receiving love is about receiving life force and you can’t receive life in the parts of you that you don’t want in your life.

Know that pure love is a derivative of the divine love; its flow is unconditional and its force is abundant. Therefore, don’t try to receive from any source – be it a parent, romantic partner, societal norm etc – that requires you to show up and fit into a certain mold to receive their love. It’s not love. It’s mutualism. You’re both benefitting from the relationship, but there’s no direct exchange of flow.

Love by its very essence erodes barriers and it can contrast your blocks quite harshly too, don’t get it twisted. Love can just as easily manifest as a tornado as it can a gentle breeze. Sometimes the blocks are so great and the delusion is so dense that it takes drastic measures to break you out (that’s if you were ready to be saved from your ego)

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