You don’t actually change. You accept that you’ve outgrown one pattern of events and you accept the need to move into a new pattern that fits you better. Then you wait, while the energies and vibrations navigate around that baseline frequency, doing their thing. Gradually, a new reality dawns and you can’t ever figure out what just happened. All you know is that your connection to some people have weakened while new connections have been forged with others. You’re starting to notice details you never paid attention to while what was your focal points and life becomes a little more than background noise.

Change is mysterious, like the universe. Miraculous. We let it in, or we refuse. That’s about it. The rest we can’t comprehend, not in our human form. Perhaps one day I’ll ask Allaah to break it down to me, in Jannah, hopefully. Until then, we accept that certain realities and facts are only accessible through the heart, and scarcely comprehensible.

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