Believe, evolve, relief valve

As empaths, we feel what the collective can’t or won’t feel. We feel and identify what we wouldn’t have, had we had a different life ; a political prisoner labouring away in NK, a single father working 3 shifts, a homeless drug addict. In life, some people embody the pain because that’s all they can do to contain it from spilling over to others. And our role as empaths is not to become stagnant with the pain or to be receptacles for any negativity. It’s not even to take on the pain of others. It’s to heal ourselves and be cognizant of the fact that as the canaries in the coal mine we become affected earlier than the collective. Our role is to name our personal experience so that others can learn to name theirs.

We’re the first responders, the emergency dispatchers, the paramedics of humanity. We feel it because we possess the resources to heal it. But many a times we misinterpret the calls of distress because we don’t see ourselves fully. So instead of seeing why pain pools to us, all we see is our inability to ‘fix’ it.

What I’m trying to say is, sensitivity is just the hotline. There’s way more to sensitivity than just becoming aware of an issue. Sensitivity, if we allow it to become our teacher, is a superpower. Sensitivity is a threat to the ego, as it should be. It’s not about our limitations or taking away people’s problems. It’s about transmutation, and only the soul can do that. Sensitivity is a crack in the ego that lets the soul peek through.

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