A spiral of energy

Don’t seek certainty in the finite. Seek hope. Hope means, you’re celebrating the ephemeral because you can see the eternal in it. This Dunya was absolutely not meant to be one of drudgery and lack of fulfillment. That’s such a dull outlook and doesn’t do justice to the splendor of the world. No, what is warned against is living vicariously through ego. I say vicariously because a life of ego is based on goal orientation and tangible results. And what are achievements if not universally lauded? That’s giving away your life to fleeting moments of generic yassses and elated faces.

Live through yourself; through your pain, your growth, your influences, your passion. It’s all written in your spiritual genetics, and your emotions are like a librarian that knows the information and resources you’re looking for. Well, in this case, the calling and paths you’re looking for. No need to waste time trying to outrun your emotions when they are there to protect you from what befalls you when you go down paths that aren’t aligned with you.

It doesn’t mean anything if your heart doesn’t recognize it.

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