Black Panther

All of earth’s valuables are buried beneath the surfaces ; that of the earth and souls.

Wakanda is built, developed and maintained by empathy, integrity, authenticity, courage, harmony, self-sacrifice, love. And it made me realize why Africa fell to people like Klaue and Killmonger. The wealth and riches in Africa can’t be extracted and benefitted from by an unscrupulous being. So until the souls are refined, we’ll be punished by our spiritual degradation. The white man didn’t come until we had abandoned our nature and harmony to manipulate the abundance for our egos.

Neither will anything be set aright by focusing on the Klaue’s of the world, corrupt opportunists who only go where they are invited. Yes, we invited the colonizers, the tyrants. Maybe not expressly, but the soul leaks and leaves behind clues when it’s out of alignment with itself, unethical. Just like King T’chaka when he left behind his nephew who later came back as Killmonger, threatening the whole empire and indeed the world.

Respect the universal balance. Not everything is gauged by postmodernism and science. We must assume that the bigger picture is that in all of chaos and disorder, lies a perfect divine order. So you don’t fight the disorder, but you take responsibility for what in you invited the disorder then you counteract it with reinforced order.

I imagine most black millennials in the west would act like Killmonger. People want to take pride in African history and fashion, but do you hear of anyone wanting to connect to the plight of the Africans today? Why, no. It’s all a celebration of ego. To be African is beyond a colour, an event, a language. It’s a mysterious spirit that demands balance, that demands responsibility and that demands justice. It will take you to where pain is mined before you’re shown the vibranium mines.

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