Empathy, not expediency

There’s so much i want to say about mass shootings and the divisive gun control proposals in the US. But I’m too tired. Too tired to explain to a world caught up in and fascinated by destruction.

We create demons and enemies out of one another by the refusal to let horrible experiences teach us what we yet do not know. Instead we become more horrible so that we won’t have to experience anything like it.

Gun. Control. Attempting to control evil is getting sucked into the endless karmic duality, the vicious cycle that we never ever get out of. Because we aren’t meant to get out of it. It’s meant to get in us, transmute us, take us to a different reality through quantum tunneling. Holding space for the tension that comes up, sitting with it in silence. Recognizing our egotistical madness. We’re insane. We’d rather cross our arms, blame the other and refuse to try because it’s all their fault. They refused to enact our solution. Because of course, it’s not like there’s something lacking and corrupt in our perception and understanding. No, never that. We’d rather stay loyal to a broken reality than question ourselves, for once. Not through our political or religious viewpoints. But just as individuals. Not as a hive mind, not as a collective. As a single human heart, what do we sense is amiss? How can we fix the storm?

Well, we don’t. Because we’re not the storm. We’re not the violence. We’re not the evil. We need to unearth what we are, and remain grounded in that and not be tempted out of alignment with ourselves in order to push the storm along.

It’s not time for pragmatism. It’s not time for action. We need the birth of stars and divine grace and miracles. We need to make space in our hearts to receive the parting of seas by hope in the impossible, faith in the extinct.

Respond to Empathy, not expediency

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