Animus dispossession

I was watching the interview of Russell and Jordan, and Jordan said something that made me think :

religious ideas are different from ideologies in that there’s a representation and balance of the positive and negative aspects of what occurs naturally in the individual and society.


It had me thinking that in that vein, hijaab is the equivalent – and therefore balance to – of a man’s social responsibilities and duties that he’s obligated to perform.

And that’s my gripe with millennial Muslim women’s sometimes shallow dissection of the gender politics that has gotten entangled in the complex system that is Islaam. You can’t just remove concepts from the whole and see if it’ll hold or not like a game of Jenga. It’s a very reductivist way of assessing things precisely because it’s the masculine Logos that picks things apart and discriminates and analyses.

When women use the Logos it’s usually at the expense of the powerful feminine perception, what Neumann coined diffuse awareness as opposed to focused awareness. The Eros that brings things together, holds space for the opposites, finds the harmony. That has been discarded and judged as weak by women, because we’ve come to associate it with being a doormat and a pushover. But that’s only the case when it’s unconscious and imbalanced.

I reckon that the world is in desperate need of the return of the feminine energy, the so-called divine feminine, because it’s that energy that would take the technology available and apply it on humanitarian issues. And it would take the wealth and channel it to where it’s needed. It’d take the scientific breakthroughs and expertise and heal the world.

And by divine feminine I don’t mean that it’s specific to women, but women are the emanators of that energy and men the recipients. No man can bring about that energy unless it comes from a transformed, balanced woman. Just like no man can bring about a pregnancy. She takes what’s dispersed and coalesces it into a whole. But she has to first return to her innate wholeness that she’s been fragmented from by a highly masculine world.

One response to Animus dispossession

  1. Chills as I read about the divine masculine and the divine feminine coming together–the action follows from a rootedness in the knowledge of who we are. When there is harmony between the two, there is fluidity.


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