Anxiety Of Missing Out

I would have loved to see Black Panther at the movies, if it weren’t for this pesky little thing called Anxiety® that makes being in public spaces (bonus if crowded) a game of Temple Run. My thoughts grow balls when I’m far away from a safe place I can retreat to (i. e. my room) and it’s like wearing a VR headset and watching the worst fears come to 4D life. The Surround Sound Adrenaline™ ensures that everything but your amygdala is online, to give you that added oomph to push you over the edge.

And it’s like staring at this chasm between the edges of cliffs, and you’re trying to calculate the probability that you could make it to the other side if you really, really, went for it? The Fear Of Missing Out + Anxiety is like… being drawn and quartered.

Respond to Anxiety Of Missing Out

Fire away!

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