Walk on water

The relatable memes, the you know that feeling when… posts were the beginning of multidimensionality. New earth had us pooled together and we are rediscovering the innate interconnectivity we always had but were detached from ever since industrial times.

Social media is kind of a return to nature. It’s primarily focused internally, though it manifests externally. Intentions and feelings and existential desires drive every post, every selfie, every meme, every comment, every video. We’re not here because we just happen to be here. The online structures are mined within. What do you think algorithms represent? Neural pathways, in the basal ganglia to be specific.

We’re moving into an era where AI will be able to mimic and reproduce the functionality of the prefrontal cortex which is where abstract and higher thinking is, which is the apex of mind control. There’s already a field of study of how to use computers and technology to influence behaviour called Captology created in ‘96 by B. J. Fogg who teaches how to get into people’s heads at – – wait for it–

Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab.

You may recall Stanford from the prison experiments. These people are way ahead of the curve. Like a century ahead. This shaping of society without the people knowing began after the Great Depression by a certain Edward Bernays whose business partner, Paul Mazur, had this to say in his pitching strategy

“We must shift America from a needs to a desires culture,people must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed. We must shape a new mentality. Man’s desire must overshadow his needs.”

You don’t want to underestimate how advanced evil is. And you don’t want to overestimate the power it has over you. They only operate in the shadows of your slumbering consciousness. Wake up, to yourself. Align yourself with what resonates in your heart. Discard whatever your intuition spits out. See things through your inner eye.

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