Message in a bottle

I don’t want to spend my life proving to others, proving my fears wrong. I want to explore the symbolisms ingrained in my subconscious and all the proofs Allaah has engraved in the universe laden with messages and meanings.

I want to create worlds from my primordial love, I want to discover words to swaddle my ethereal feelings with. I absolutely want to burn all the remaining bridges connecting me to this 3d plane so that falsehood won’t find me. And I want to build new bridges so that I can connect with the world from a holistic and wholesome place.

I have so much to explore and the best part is that Allaah created the reality blueprint in my soul. So if something is amiss, I know it’s not the original intention because Allaah’s creation is seamless, effortless.

I want to be in the world but not of it. I want to be connected to Allaah before I die. I’ve learnt that only He can make my existence complete and safe and rich. Because I’ll never be able to crack the code of my existence, but I can flow in the mystery.

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