“Do women have a soul?” 2.0

The level of audacity of those protesting anyone who says women have uteri or they have menses because that’s transphobic and transmisogynistic because you don’t have to have a uterus to be a woman

Ok, did these guys decide to infiltrate the ranks of women to set up their own mini patriarchy that they couldn’t compete with in the cut throat world of hypermasculinity? Because the push for the acceptance and assimilation of transwomen has been way more loud and forced than that of transmen. Is it because they’ve been using the inverted practice of misogyny and patriarchy to twist women’s arms into giving them the same identity that we were born into and lived exclusively in?

What is it about all these male makeup artists taking over women’s niche? Why are these men projecting their inner feminine on to women and instead of finding a balance within, they have to resort to jumping ships? What does that do for women when we’re being policed for not recognizing a man as a woman or when we are being policed in our own bodies by some delusional white lesbians who held meetings in their ivory towers about the revision of womanhood?

The oppression is laughably ironic that men are forcing themselves on us because of identity crisis of theirs and putting the burden of their confusion and unprocessed feelings on us, to the point where I’m not allowed to have a say in the fact that my world is being rearranged and I have to pretend it’s ok? No, no it’s not because it’s one thing for someone to embody what they believe in but it’s a violation to forcefully tinker with the perceptions of others and manipulate them through shaming and guilt if they don’t comply. And that’s something we’ve already been conditioned to do and have it down to a science, so to cave in to these ideologues who use statistics hyperbolically is not out of the ordinary social programming.

My outlook is my sovereignty and no one has the right to try to control what and how I see things.

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