Embody, don’t disembody

The first thing I think when I see something chaotic or degenerative in others either irl or online, is : why am I even aware of this? What in me corresponds to these elements such that out of the infinite data and events occurring in the universe, I caught wind of this?

When people decry society and how it’s falling apart, it’s ironically within the same confines that they were made aware of it happening. In other words, they think that disapproval will detach them from that reality. No. No. No.

The whole reason why you are a spectator isn’t so that you can save others by your running commentary as if it’s a game, but so that you’ll clock that you’re participating energetically in something that doesn’t honour you. And by resolving whatever attracted those people or events that ultimately reflect something within you, you’ll transcend the circumstance. And it’s through that transcending that you’ll be of use to people, not as a critic but as a way shower. People know what’s wrong, they don’t need to be told the obvious but to be shown the obscure passage to make the exodus.

“In shadow projecting, we split-off from and try to get rid of a part of ourselves, which is a self-mutilation that is actually an act of violence. In the act of shadow projecting, we disassociate from a part of ourselves and “split” (in two), turning away in revulsion from and severing our association with our darker half, as if we have never met it before in our entire life. We throw our own darkness outside of ourselves and see it as if it exists only in others. We then react violently when we encounter an embodied reflection of our shadow in the outer world, wanting to destroy it, as it reminds us of something dark within ourselves that we’d rather have nothing to do with.

In the act of shadow projecting, we perpetrate violence (both psychic and/or physical) not only on ourselves, but on the “other” who is the recipient of our shadow projection. This act of external violence is nothing other than our inner process of doing violence to a part of ourselves changing channels and expressing itself in, as and through the external world.

In trying to destroy our projected shadow in the outer world, however, we act out, become possessed by and incarnate the very shadow we are trying to destroy.

[…]Paradoxically, in descending into the depths of the unconscious in order to deal with the prima materia of the shadow, we are simultaneously on the path of ascending to the truly real, as we become introduced to the higher-dimensional light worlds of spirit.”

– Paul Levy, Dispelling Wetiko

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