Exotic matter

Only you can know what progress looks like. Because progress doesn’t have a look, it has a feel. And it feels like harmony and alignment and wholeness. So don’t worry about people invalidating your progress when it seems trivial or even regressive to them. For instance, listening to your anxiety and getting the courage to cancel an appointment when you know how guilty and ashamed you feel over “disappointing” others, that’s a huge progress! But to someone removed from the situation, it looks like a backslide.

Because, this journey is about you connecting to the you that no one sees, feels, interacts with. The inner interface that is often rife with glitches and blackouts and burnouts and crashes and tangles. It’s never linear and it’s never textbook. It’s fumbling in the dark. It’s digging for something god knows what in the middle of nowhere at 2 am. It’s to be led by an inner voice that grows steadier with self-trust and becomes bolder the less self-critical you become.

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