feminism is a crutch

In 2018, women finna learn about taking responsibility for their anger while holding space for the resistance that comes from the conflicting image we hold of ourselves as being more mature and caring than men.

Don’t project the fears that come up whenever you’d like to let loose and not bite your tongue anymore. That voice that warns you about what others would do is a fraud and an inner bully that uses your approval seeking to trip you up.

First order of biznits: don’t validate it by assuming your fear has roots in reality. That’s where self-fulfilling prophecies occur because you’ll either only align yourself with people who you can be a step ahead of by knowing how they gonna react OR you’ll act in ways that’d aggravate the other person because you’re placing a burden and a projection that aint theirs. Either way, you come away with the confirmation bias of men aint shit bla bla. Nah, you aint shit and that’s ok. Cuz we gon use that shit as fertilizer for growth.

Don’t be like Cardi B who had this to say when she was pressed about why she’s staying with a cheat: what do you want me to do? Cheat on him with another nigga? Leave so that I can get with another dude who’ll eventually cheat on me?

That tells you everything about why we keep seeing the same stories and themes recycled amongst women. It’s our own programming and we gotto take this a step further than just lazily fall back on men. We been on that wagon for 50 years. That phase is done. It’s about time we evolve and dig deeper. Come on now.

Respond to feminism is a crutch

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