The concept of willpower is modeled after the indoctrination of society. The things we uphold as ideals to attain are always sourced externally from either people who’ve attained it or being encouraged by people we look up to. And it’s always entangled with this assumption that reaching a certain goal will somehow unlock a state of being, a certain way of feeling… But that’s erroneous and horribly disempowering. Trying to escape the discomfort of the moment effectively imprisons you to the discomfort because you can’t outrun what’s within you.

When you have love, you don’t need willpower. The latter is the ego’s attempt at bypassing whatever impulses and inclinations arises naturally within the person in order to curate control through a certain persona. Love is acceptance and surrender. Love disarms the ego and dissolves the mind’s resistance. But you got to feed it with faith. Faith in the meaning of your emotions and your experiences. Faith in the divine and the perfect structure of everything. Faith.

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