Soul storage

The only reason I’m still alive is because of the faith that Allaah has the strength where I do not , that He knows where I know not, that He is the only light in this universe full of darkness, He is the only source of love. I’ve exhausted all avenues of doing it on my own, trying to understand my soul through a mind limited by itself and it has driven me to either suppress the parts of me that dumbfound me or finding the prospects of life too daunting to justify trying.

Without faith to fill in the blanks, wedge the uncertainty, join the paradoxes, I’d be spending all my energy on panning out and zooming in on everything that threatens my illusion of control.

I don’t use faith as a crutch to protect me from my fears but to give me the strength of courage as I walk through the darkness of dimensions and territories that my mind can neither grasp nor understand.

Faith is the skeleton that holds up my soul when the world is weighing heavy on my mind.

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