redintegrate my soul

I don’t want to solve the problems of the world, I want to create a world where those problems didn’t arise. I want my activism to be quantum, to be a living piece of art that breathes the air of everything wholesome. Something that isn’t locked in a perpetual tug of war. I don’t want to continue to pay homage to the failings of humanity. I want to be a transparent vessel for the divine will. Allaah doesn’t need a contrast or a prop to create and inspire miracles. My work has been to get my ego and my mental projections and attachments out of the way. I don’t want to be remembered for my contributions to humanity, I want to live in a world bettered by my impact. That is my zakah due on all my privileges bestowed on me by Allaah by virtue of having a soul and a physical presence.

I asked Allaah to manifest miracles through me, to make my imagination reality
He challenged me to the edge of impossibility, and I leapt to my ego death, every time.

If I’m gonna die, may I not leave this earth in the same form. May I birth my potential. May I be peeled, sculpted, purified by His Hands. I have no interest in influencing or how people rate me. I have no interest in success, awards, headlines. I’m only interested in pushing the envelope of reality. I’m only interested in putting my theories and observations to the test. I’m only interested in becoming what Tesla and Da Vinci became: not well known, no. But a renaissance woman, a polymath, a counterforce to the dark forces. I want to die as the most hated enemy of Iblees. I want to die having given up my ego to empower the underdogs. I want to die having exhausted my potential and leaving riches, not in accounts but in hearts.

By my soul’s mission I’ll live and by the truth I’ll die. And I own no power but what Allaah grants me.

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