See your courage through

Vision is! It is timeless and eternal. We do not create vision, we simply link into a piece of the Universal Vision that already exists as it filters through our own perception. Sometimes we can see the immediate sequence of steps needed to map a plan of action to bring vision into form. Other times, we can only see one step at a time. How do we allow vision to flow through us? How do we manifest it?

Timing is a most important factor in vision manifestation. If we force it or try to fit it into our mental constructs or framework of understandings of “time,” we will grow frustrated and fearful if our timelines are not met by the Universal timeframe. If, due to our
fears, we rush a vision into “being” before its full gestation period, we rush the embryonic beginnings with high forceps or cesarean delivery. If, instead, we act as patient midwives bringing the fully developed infant into the world after it is complete on the subtle and unseen plane of existence, the vision will fulfill itself far beyond anything our human minds can conceive of. The final result will be transformative for nearly all involved.

This is the difference between a great project and a good product. Both take the same energy output. If we have faith and ride the waves of “universal rhythm,” attuning ourselves to the rings of energy that are always flowing within, around and through us, we are carried by the tide of vision as it carries itself into its full manifestation. We are only the vehicle — not the doer.

I have observed many times, with each expanding project, that I do not hold the vision, but the vision seems to hold me. Manifestation requires faith, trust, surrender to a power higher than oneself. As we walk, jump, and sometimes crawl through the intiatory rings of fire in the completion of our “mission,” it leads to ever-expanding vistas of understanding and compassion for others.

What is it that keeps us in the “dream” phase, talking about what we are planning to do and yet never getting it done? Where does the plethora of excuses for not stepping out of our comfort zones come from? Rather than complaining about all the things we could have done and ending our lives with remorse and lack of fulfillment, we can trust the process, for we are led from one point to the next, until one day we awaken and realize we are fulfilling our life’s purpose.

It is not easy to embark upon the path of bringing vision into action. Sometimes the path is lighted and the way is effortless; other times it asks us to step out in faith, one foot in front of the other with only our own inner light to guide us. “Thank God,” I have thought many times, that I was only given one step at a time. If I could have seen where my first steps would have lead, the enormity would have overwhelmed me, causing a retreat into a safe, secure, and comfortable environment.

As we fulfill our destiny through the guidance given us at each juncture, windows of opportunity begin to open, leading to doorways and eventually to gateways that clear our path regardless of how difficult our undertakings may seem. As we clarify our vision, we gain greater power in our ability to “hold the vision.” As we do this vigilantly, we will see the miraculous play of momentum swirling around us as the Universal energy helps us bring Vision into form. The appropriate people, serendipitous chance meetings and events begin to happen, confirming that we are moving in the “right” direction at the “right” time.

Another area that restricts us from fulfilling the Vision is allowing ourselves to be limited either consciously or subconsciously by our perceived constraints. When this happens, we give from an empty heart, creating fatigue. We don’t have to learn to say “No” to preserve our energies if we can let go of our perceptions of limitation and shift our awareness to each moment as if we were seeing and doing things for the first time with joy. If we can do this, we will always have enough energy for whatever is required. After all, our hands are the extension of our hearts.

When others do not feel fulfilled in their own lives, it may be difficult for them to watch others fulfill theirs. This may manifest through envy, which leads to criticism, expressed doubts, and negativity, which is one way to hold someone else back if even in thinker’s own mind. It is all right understand the source of pain, see where this is coming from in the other person, bless them, and go on. It is such a temptation to want to criticize the one who criticizes or to become intolerant of the intolerance of others.

Be compassionate without letting others’ self-imposed limitations limit you. As we continue, regardless of the obstacles, our “vision quest” leads to ever-growing contentment, unshakable peace, and a rich sense of love and fulfillment that flows like warm lava through the cells of the heart, spreading out to every cell of our being.

Each time we fulfill the “tasks” that cross our path, it becomes easier and easier to activate the required
momentum for each wave of manifestation. If we take on a project and do not follow through on our particular task, then the next one takes even more effort to formulate and “lift” off the ground. There is sometimes a rhythm of ebb and flow. If we can keep a sense of “nondoing” or inaction within each of our actions, we will not grow tired or feel the need to withdraw to recuperate. As we combine a sense of ease, of stillness within our activity, we will feel renewed each hour.

The following guidelines have helped me considerably over the years in manifesting vision:

1. Do not identify with your vision or think that you are creating it. We are the vehicle through which Vision manifests. I have found over the years that it is important not to identify or “lose” myself in the vision. Especially remember to hold the vision each day until it holds you.

2. Carry through always —even if it seems impossible, even if on a smaller scale than originally planned. This creates momentum for your next action.

3. Do not let money, or the lack of it, influence the fulfillment of your dreams. Money is a scapegoat for fear. Be creative and resourceful. The success of a project does not depend on funding alone. Money is one resource, but people are another. When there is shared vision, when others join you, there is a collective commitment that is a powerful manifestor. When you begin regardless of funds, if it is an
idea that is meant to be, the forces of the Universe will array to help bring forth the Vision into being.

4. When you reach an impasse, pull back … wait … meditate, pray for guidance and answers. Ask yourself: Is this my work or the work of another? The Bhagavad Gita, the sixth Canto of the Mahabharata, the great epic of India, says,

“One’s own work done imperfectly is far better than another’s done perfectly.”
Each time a new idea filters into your consciousness, test the waters to see if it is “your” work.

5. Watch for the universal signs—events, people, a word, a sentence, a book — that confirms and reaffirms your vision and even helps move it toward eventual manifestation. People may suddenly appear around the idea and help lift the vision onto the crest of a wave that has its own momentum. Have the courage to ride it instead of wanting to control it. Our need to control usually comes from our fear of “the unknown.” We do not know where it will “take us.” This is why so many people today and throughout history have not yet fulfilled their dreams.

Fulfilling Vision, I have found is like surfing. First, we must have the courage to swim out beyond the breakers, leaving the solid, secure beach with all that is familiar behind. On a calm day, we may wait and wait for a big enough wave to arise. We wait for our vision, we grow impatient when it does not appear. Finally a large wave arises, an inspiration, a thought. To catch the wave, we must paddle very fast to align our rhythm with the rhythm of the wave. Once we catch the wave, then we must be discriminating and vigilant in knowing when to stop paddling and surrender effort to let the grace and power of the wave carry us to shore. If we let go in time, we have only to maintain our balance as we ride the crest of the wave.

Our vision begins when the mind is momentarily free of everyday thoughts, worry, fear, expectations, criticisms, etc. When the moments grow between each thought, Vision begins to appear. We may receive it as an idea, an impression, an inspiration. It arises from the field of collective thinking, a gene pool where ideas originate and perhaps even return. Sort through the imprints, watching them like clouds passing through the sky of your mind. Write down a few. If these ideas are retentive and keep persisting, frolic with them, brainstorm with yourself, entertain their possibilities and potentials. Do not speak about them yet. Sharing your vision prematurely with others can create discouragement and in turn dissipation before passion has had a chance to come to maturity.

If after a time, the idea(s) keep forming, gaining greater clarity, excitement, and momentum within you, try them out on a trusted and supportive friend, a confidant. Watch and observe reac-tions and then wait and watch for a “sign”—a call, a letter, a conversation, a person who crosses your path confirming the pulse and clarity of your vision. Watch for the signs that carry messages parallel or in alignment to “your” idea(s) and see if you feel deep within that this is your piece of the Universal imprint. Then hold the vision with clarity and purpose, asking your own inner guidance to reveal why you are being called to bring it forth. What is its purpose in service to humanity? When the time is right, you will be shown the first steps if not more. Have the courage to trust the inspiration pouring or even trickling through at this time.

Take the first steps toward manifestation. Succeeding steps will be shown progressively — not always at once. Sometimes a veil will lift, revealing the future in its entirety. When this happens you will feel a deep sense of joy, gratitude, and overwhelming love. There is no fear, even though we may be shown how our path grows increasingly steep and narrow, with less margin for error and fewer cul de sacs for momentary detours from our mission. These are the moments of clarity that carry us through the times when the veil once more drops and only darkness lies on the path ahead. We commit our feet to the path in these moments where everything seems open and become as clear as a cloudless blue sky.

When the veil drops, covering the future once more, it may momentarily feel like “the dark night of the soul,” as we begin the process of the next phase of our own inner evolution in the service of humanity. Serving the global vision through our personal vision may change thousands if not millions of lives, and in turn change our world. However, it serves nothing if we ourselves are not transformed in the process with a growing sense of fulfillment rather than an empty feeling of resentment of having given too much. The importance of the work is not so much in changing our world, but in transforming ourselves in the process.

Fulfillment of vision is an inner process that teaches greater love, compassion, and caring for all life’s species, if we can meet the labyrinth of challenges along the way with joy and a heart lightened by our own inner faith. You are not alone, even though there will be times it will feel as if you are. These are the times that strengthen our fortitude, faith, and commitment. There is a “higher” power guiding us even in moments of greatest distress. These are the blessings given to us to smooth our sharp edges and sensitize our conscience to feel another as ourself. Instead of armoring and layering ourselves with defenses because of past hurts, we can open ourselves even more and experience a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment never dreamed possible.

It is up to each of us. As we move into the twenty-first century let us align with one another to bring our highest vision into manifestation. We can make personal and collective dreams a We reality. Let us work together. We are the architects of our own destiny.

– Rama Vernon . “Manifesting The Vision” Fabric of the Future: Women Visionaries of Today Illuminate the Path to Tomorrow, edited by M. J. Ryan,

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