The light at the end of the tunnel is the crack of dawn

Don’t guard against what you’re afraid of

Define what you do want, and risk your all to be authentic to you. Even if you don’t get what you want, you haven’t lost, but gained all of you. And if you compromise and settle for something, you’ve lost something far greater for which your gain can’t outweigh, which is your truth.


The man i want is the man who goes with his intuition over his fears, with his heart over his ego. The man who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and is willing to sacrifice everything to remain true to his feelings. The man who cherishes our connection because he recognizes how deeply his soul resonates with it. The man who beyond the shadow of a doubt knows that I’m the one because he’s known who he is and what he’s been lacking all his life. The man who is courageous enough to defy everything for his love for me knowing I’d do the same and more for him.

And until I recognize *that* man, I’m not negotiating with just anyone . Because I didn’t get this far in my quest for true love only to get this far and be wobbly. I’d rather remain single knowing that I didn’t sacrifice my authenticity for anyone and hoping that I’ll find true love in jannah, than compromise and forever feel unworthy and resentful towards myself.

Ultimately, this is a test that forces me to come out of my hiding by taking a stance and not just fall behind like a shadow. It’s a test that pits everything I’ve wanted in a man against my self love.

Watch me break through my ego and be caught by my soul through surrendering to the confounding polarities in my dilemma . The self that is fearing shame and loss isn’t me. I’m unfolding into my wholeness, like a wave into the ocean.

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