Magnum opus

There’s a poignancy in accepting yourself fully. It’s cutting off the flow of everything you could be, all the places you could escape yourself to. It’s like being given full access to a bank but deciding to only take what you can carry. I mean, that’s the sensible thing but still there’s this feeling that burrows into you, filling you with desire and longing whenever you’re called back to earth by your limitations. It’s like, “dammit if I wasn’t so human, I wouldn’t have to suffer or sulk”

But I guess that’s why we didn’t choose the soul and place and body we were born into. We were born into boundaries, and thank goodness for that! I think trying to fiddle with the necessary perimeters of one’s reality diverts one from taking on the mammoth task of finding the gems in the mud and transmuting oneself and external events with one’s innate philosopher’s stone.

We often waste effort in procuring on the outside what can only be created on the inside through the alchemical properties of the soul. This often requires seeing beyond what is, listening to the silence, seeing the forest. In a time of oversaturation of inconsequential trivias and mindless consumerism, this bodes ill for the soul and the global flow of energy that would stagnate if not processed and transmuted. The energy that gives rise to hatred and violence.

It’s paradoxical ; that accepting one’s limitations grants one access to boundless abundance. But perhaps it’s that space of paradoxes where magic happens. The same spaces we’re fervently trying to erase in this era of globalism and having to deal with the pooling of cultural and political ideologies. Everyone is fighting to retain their individuality by resisting the alchemy that is necessitated by the confusion in order to evolve, because we fear erasure. But perhaps we need to annihilate what is susceptible to erasure , so as to clear the way for the emergence of truer forms.

Between opposites everything is destroyed but the truth. This is the age where we either align with the truth within all of us, or get destroyed by our unwillingness to transcend the battlefield.

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