Trust love

Love heals, it does not cripple
Love enlightens, it does not blind
Love reveals, it does not conceal
Love guides, it does not lead astray
Love is holistic, not reductive
Love is generous, it isn’t stingy
Love is honest, it isn’t deceptive
Love integrates, it does not repel
Love harmonizes, it does not separate
Love is clarity, it’s not ambiguity
Love is understanding, it is not judgement
Love is deliberation, it is not haste
Love is completion, it is not perfection
Love is courageous, it isn’t cowardly
Love is gentle, it isn’t harsh
Love is flexible, it isn’t rigid
Love is like water, endlessly giving
Love is freeing, it’s not suffocating
Love is expansive, it isn’t limiting
Love is unconditional like spring
Love is forgiving, it doesn’t begrudge

Love is so misunderstood and misconstrued and abused and misattributed, causing most to be distrustful because the heart that doesn’t hold love can’t see its essence clearly.
It thinks every figure to be a shadow, every movement to be an attack.

Where love is absent, death resides. Where love is absent, the truth can’t remain standing for too long. Loveless minds hold on to control because they don’t trust themselves.

Love is the heart. When it’s alive, it gives as freely as the sunrise, because it just is. And it’s infinite because it’s divinely endowed. Anything that doesn’t start from unconditional love to oneself is bound to be corrupted …

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