I’m cradled in my capricious emotions surrendering to the current
though I know it’ll lead me to the doorstep of my worst fears
but I’ll trust the process like Musa’s mother trusted
the divine intuition telling her to put her baby in what seemed like harm’s way
i must reclaim my power by looking my worst case scenarios in the eye
i won’t let my life be dictated or informed by the frail egos of others
so i give up all inhibitions to be aligned with the divine will
each moment i feel the powerlessness of my pain
a crescendo of strength unfolds
the type of strength that can only be extracted from plumbing the depths of despair and weakness

I’m not afraid to be afraid, to be betrayed, to be humiliated, to be rejected, to be proven wrong

and that’s my power

Respond to momentum

Fire away!

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