terra incognita

I’ll stand firm awaiting your return
My life is art
A monument of my honesty
A manifestation of my trust

In the blank pages and vast spaces in between

It’s a silent protest
my life is,,-
A demonstration of the discarded pieces that didn’t fit into the frame of yesterday’s world
A reconciliation of paradoxes and contrasts

I’m a stream gushing through caverns amidst the shifting seasons
I’m letting Allaah show different facets of me like the phases of the moon

When you let go, you let in everything
What you need you possess
Rejecting parts of you is rejecting Allaah’s blessings
And when those parts come up to the surface, clamouring for life you run away
You run away from yourself
And into the clutches of what you covet
When your grip weakens, why you panicking, screaming bloody murder?

I’m not going to deny myself
I’m not going to attach myself to what isn’t of me
In honouring myself, I honour Allaah’s wisdom in creating me
And that’s why I know my deepest powers are rooted in my insecurities
My beauty entangled with my flaws
I’m not day or night, I’m all of time, all the time
My essence escapes my cognition


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