love is an act of creativity

Self love is to be ok by yourself, to not be dependent on anything or anyone for your stability
If you were to be left alone in the middle of nowhere, you’d be ok because you never rested on anyone’s shore

that’s for sure
to go anywhere on your own and be fine

because you’re not an anchor to any ship, or the canopy to anyone’s dwelling

if the people you love would leave, you’d survive 

dive deep in your richness

you’re the mountain that holds the earth

and it’s from there that you give unconditional love, radical spontaneous outrageously tender love. Pure, untainted, untethered. No watermarks, no restrictions, like the nature that gives so freely of its wisdom and fruits.
it’s from there that you seek love, not as an escape but an adventure of raindrops forming a river, travelling through caverns and seasons

You gain everything when you lose everything. Because when you’re holding on to something, you let go of a part of yourself. When you cling to someone you suffocate yourself. When you’re chasing something it’s because you’re running away from yourself.
The kicker is, no matter how fast or far you run you can’t shake off your shadow. The fears you avoid aren’t confined to this plane of time and space. They’ll hover about and around you wherever you go and you’ll live life like a fugitive.
How can you be attached to someone, this elusive fantasy that a man will bring you a steady stream of wholesome love and good feelings when you can’t even make your own highs last, no matter how you try? 

Holding on to a feeling is like grabbing water. Instead, become the feeling and the ebb and tide won’t disturb you because you’re not the waves, you’re the entire ocean. You don’t have to remain at the shore at all times to be a complete ocean. During floods and storms – you’re still the ocean.
let go, trust me. let go and let through the ocean within you. you won’t drown. Move to your own rhythm and the whole universe moves in tandem with you.

I want to embody all the words I want to share with the world. I want to be like nature, rejuvenating the onlooker, inspiring the restless wanderer. I want to grow and grow until I bloom into an ecosystem, a reminder of the universal, defiant of corrupt times.

Always move towards wholeness. A love that requires you to be out of balance to get is not a love that’s going to last. A tree is supported by the roots, not the branches

A soulmate is an outer representative of your inner self

Patience gives your heart more room for appreciation. It slows down the whirlwind that is the ego by grounding you, and says

’ look. the sky’ and you discover deeper hues to the blue colour you used to take for granted. Suddenly, new dimensions of the world open up to you.

I’m betting all my chips on you. Yeah, it’s a long shot but I’ve been target practicing on this bugaboo. Either you’ll get to me or I’ll die in crossfire, blood feud.


Respond to love is an act of creativity

Fire away!

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