la dabaalo caashaqa

This is a song by the legendary Cumar Shooli who was a member of the legendary supergroup Waaberi who played Qaraami music in the 60s and 70s. Qaraami is classic Somali music with a fusion of jazz, pop and funk.

I don’t know why, but it never used to appeal to me until very recently and I must have listened to this song, la dabaalo caashaqa, at least a hundred times! Somali is such a potent and rich language and my paltry translation does it no justice. However, I just had to try to convey some of its beauty.

Dumar kale ma caashaqin
Hadal danbe kumaan oran
Doqaagu wuxuu rabo
Kolan daynba kuu galo
Wali diiday kuma odhan

I have not loved another woman
I have not even uttered a word to other women
Your wish was my command
Even if  fulfilling it meant I had to go into debt 

I’d never turn you down

Dadku wuu dagaalaa
Dabadeed heshiiyaa
Inaad raacdo duul kale
Ma wax loo dulqaataa

People fight
And make up
So how could you just walk away?

Naftaydii  diidayoo
Kama daadegaysee
Adaa seegay dawgee
Iga durug walaaleey

I’m in shock and can’t believe what you did
You’re the one who betrayed me
So please leave me alone

Haatan dayradaadaa
Ku dadaalayayoo
Ima diirinayside
Ogow dumarku kaa badan

I’ll take you up on your rejection
You don’t care for me
Know that you’re not the only fish in the sea

Waan kaa dal doorsaday
Dusha hayga xaganine
La dabaalo la dabaalo caashaqa

I’ve moved on 
Get off me 
I bid you, and love, begone!

​dambi kaama aan galin
duleed kaagamaan tagin
hablaha da’daadana
daan-daansi daayoo
dibnahayga uma furin

I didn’t do you wrong
I didn’t abandon you by the wayside
I didn’t so much as smile at other girls
Let alone flirt with them

adigay daraadaa
daqarradu i gaareen
inaad iiga durugtaa
ma wax loo dul qaataa?

You were the reason behind
These wounds I’ve been inflicted with
I can’t tolerate your detachment


daruur ii da’aysiyo
dabayl caafimaad baan
deeqoy ku moodaye
waxaad tahay qof ii daran

I thought you to be anticipatory rain clouds
or like a serene breeze
But Deeqa you turned out to be 
The one for whom the death knell tolls


Respond to la dabaalo caashaqa

Fire away!

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