Soul Architecture

I’ve been in the worst of situations but I emerged with the best case scenario because I never allow the outside world to colonize my inner world. I never let the decaying world pollute my soul.

When I’m met with disappointments, I review where my expectations came from.

When I’m betrayed or done wrong by a friend, I ask myself what parts of me allowed that energy into my life? I incise those parts of me, tick my lessons, take my blessings and leave my toxic behind.

When I’m met with obstacles, I challenge my agility and I keep working at my ability to circumvent impossibilities.

When I find evil practices in society, I sit down and have a face to face with that evil, to understand, to pick apart, to uproot.

When met with conflicts and emotionally charged situations, I feel my fear and panic and then I move that aside to make room for the other person/s. I take in their pov, try to understand and from an integrated space, I take a stance. I might still tell that person to gtfo, but I know it’s​ not reactionary. I know why I’m kicking someone to the curb. Or, if it turns out that I completely misunderstood the situation, I’ll immediately concede and apologize and try to learn from it.

I’m not afraid of losing face, of getting displaced, of becoming disgraced. I know I’m my biggest threat.

When I feel blocked from pursuing my soul urges, I take a step back and lovingly sift through myself for the blocking energies.

I don’t fight situations and people who don’t fux with me.

I set up camp in my own space and just exist in that twilight zone with nothing but faith in my intuition and vulnerability with the universe. Eventually, the right people and circumstances convey to that twilight zone and together we create something new from pure energy seeds.

2 responses to Soul Architecture

  1. Loved your post, it gives off the impression that you’re strong-minded, introspective and independent! Thumbs up for the original title as well, ‘Soul Architecture’ is a brilliant way to describe the internal struggles that build our personality.

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