all ya gotto do is say yes

i want to take my husband on this cross-country trip I’ve been wanting to make for 2 years now, through Somalia. lagoons, canyons, mountain tops, hut cafeterias, bumpy truck rides, sunset watching on rooftops, evening gatherings with newly acquired friends sitting on a mat on the house compound swatting away mosquitoes in between intense listening to juicy storytelling and belly laughs, carwo-shoppin’, aroos-hoppin’, relatives shukansi eavesdropping on us wondering why we haven’t grown disillusioned with the honeymoon phase not knowing that this is where we discovered each other, in that honeymoon zone of the soul intersection, listening to downloaded rain sounds through the phone as we lie in the dark waiting for the electricity to come back on, car drifting in the outskirts of town, trying and miserably failing to start a fire in charcoal stoves, washing laundry by hand in big basins, taking turns reading classical Somali romance novels aloud, mosquito nets coming undone in the scuffle of love making, stargazing,spontaneity abound


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