Bon voyage

I want to be explored, not discovered.
I used to be content and happy with people getting my writing enough to like it. I had gone through life as an apparition and I never dared entertain the possibility of coming into my own and be allowed a space in this world. Not just being known by what I put into motion, but me, my actual essence. Not even I know it. I’m discovering it in the faint dawn light. While I was gone, I was demolishing the haunted, abandoned house where I’d be happy if people discovered, even if they did so out of sensation-seeking. I burnt it to ashes and I was chagrined by the realization that there’s no turning back now. I’ve ousted the ghosts.
I headed to the meadows beyond the forest, and although the sun blinded my eyes and I felt exposed without my fortress, I stood in the meadows for I wanted to still my heart for a brief moment before heading out to the fields to sow seeds, seeds that contain the entire universe.
And here I am, back, but without the frills because I finally do see myself, I know I exist. I’m grounded. I am worthy. I feel worthy.
But I want people who’ve emerged from their protective dens out to the meadows, to explore and answer a call in the distance, saying ‘ it’s time.’
I want steady intentions and hearts willing to brave the turbulent waters of exploration to find me, to find my writing as a sign that I’m an explorer, not a fixture.
My writing will no longer be a sign post giving directions to lost wayfarers or strolling wanderers, but a treasure hunt.

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