daryeel iyo deganaansho

Daryeel iyo deganaansho means care and tranquility which perfectly encapsulates my experience last summer. The memories of hiking through an ancient forest and thinking about who must have climbed the same rock 2-3000 years ago engendered a lot of hope during winter. It’s crazy how a few weeks can have such an impact. Of course, it wasn’t because of the time and place, but it was as if everything in the universe conspired to allow me this priceless gift of an experience. Alhamdulillaah


summer of 2016 was the most magical and memorable time of my life


Found a cloud with the shape of Somalia!


Hiked a lot with my father, like old times.



 a waning moon

Cherrie, Molnet (outro)

Länge, länge, länge sen..

Tänder, andas, blåser sen ut igen

Ingen annan behövs jag har mig själv

Himlen känns närmare..


Går inte

Flyger iväg nu

Går inte

Jag måste högre

Där nere

Där är det kallt nu

Här uppe

Här hittar jag allt


Vad du är, så vacker härifrån

Ja du är, det vackraste som vandrat under moln

Så vacker härifrån

Ser de, ser de, ser de här uppifrån

Har planerat och medvetet tappat min telefon

Marken känns så långt bort härifrån

Jag kommer närmare


long, long, long ago
I light a cig, take a drag, and exhale again
No one else is needed, I have myself
The sky feels nearer

Flying away now
I have to go higher
Down there
Where it’s cold now
Up here
Is where I find everything

What you are, you look so beautiful from here
Yes you are, the most beautiful thing to walk beneath the clouds
So beautiful from here

Do they, do they, do they see from up here
I’ve planned and deliberately got rid of my phone
The ground feels so far away from here
I’m drawing closer








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