“Why is representation so important to minorities?”

Found this gem of an observation on Reddit. I can’t remember the username but it’s so beautiful in its succinctness that I just have to share:

​Because minorities are constantly made aware of the fact that their experiences are less valuable than the experiences of others.

 Minorities are forced to interact with the world according to the worldview of the majority, which is probably very different from their own, so they learn very quickly how to see the world differently. They have to change their behavior to fit the experiences of others. So they know that the world is bigger than their own experiences because their own experiences are consistently devalued.

White people (at least in America) can go through pretty much all of their childhoods in an environment that is designed to fit their shared [white] experiences and never have to accept a worldview other than their own.

 As adults, they can be shown other worldviews, but more than likely they can still just ignore them and go about their business without ever being forced to confront the reality that other people have other experiences, even when the evidence of that is very obvious (like documented police brutality towards minorities).

 The experiences of minorities rarely, if ever, directly affect them so they have no particular reason to deal with them.

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