9/11: Questions abound

I have never thought seriously about 9/11 and the events leading up to it. But last night a thought struck me: how did the hijackers gain access to the cockpit? And how were they able to steer the two planes into the towers in a coordinated way that didn’t give the pilots chance to raise May Day signals?

Well, turns out a renowned investigative journalist, Edward Epstein, has looked in those directions and posed thought provoking and substantial questions:

3) How did the hijackers gain entry to the cockpits?

The attacks on the cockpit were so sudden that none of the pilots had the opportunity to sound a May Day alert or scream. The cockpits doors are required to be locked. How did the hijackers open these doors so as not to alert the pilots?

4) How did the hijackers immobilize the pilots without causing the planes to swerve out of control?The pilots are strapped by harnesses into their seats and have microphones connecting them to ground controllers. How did the hijackers manage to get the pilots out of their seats and take over the controls?

5) Were the planes on auto pilot? If so, how did the hijackers determine this prior to the attack?
6) How did the hijackers guide the planes to their targets? Did they have global positioning devices?


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