In heat

Your future lies in the womb of your present. Focus on what you can do NOW. Or that future will turn out to be a ghost pregnancy.

When you wish to change, don’t think about the stuff you don’t want. Your focus is a creative force, so it’s about directing your focus on things you want more of.

Think about how you’d FEEL when you get or reach your goal. If it’s to become a millionaire, think about how having a milli would make you FEEL. Envision the security of being able to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Envision the places you could travel to.
If your goal is to get fit, think about how having that snatched waist, toned abs, firm ass would make you feel. Think about how grounded you’d become in your own body. How you’d strut around like you had a tiara on your head cuz you know aint no one got jack on you.

Whatever your goal is, the key is to create the emotions in the NOW. A disastrous mistake is to think about the goals themselves; for instance focusing on losing x amount of kilos or getting that milli in your account.

Why is this disastrous? Because all you’d end up feeling is frustration that you don’t have those things yet. You’d feel you’re excluded from your happiness, and deprived.
You’ve assigned your happiness to a neutral outcome. Losing x amount of kilos doesn’t MAKE you feel good. Getting a milli won’t MAKE you feel good.

Those things are only means to an end; self fulfillment. Those things carry importance because they are an expression of your SOUL..
You feel more alive not because these things changed your inner. You feel more alive because your dreams and efforts gave birth to that.

When people conflate these things, they think they are feeling miserable BECAUSE they don’t have x y z.
Remember: the outer can’t affect the inner. The outer is a result of emotions. Emotions drive focus. Focus drives effort. 

There’s nothing that you can acquire        ( through thought) that would impact your being. You therefore can’t rid yourself of unwanted feelings through thought. The thought would merely redirect the discomfort, but not dissolve it.
The only way to eradicate unwanted feelings is to feel them without trying to resist them, run away from them, or make sense of them.
It may sound complicated, but that’s only because it requires repeating, as you’re literally rewiring your brain and the way you approach life. So don’t fret if it takes a while before it sinks in. Below are some resources that have helped me in cleaning up my mind:

Pursuit of suffering

Learn to let go

 All you need is willingness

Let go and let God – Marianne Williamson

Don’t let your dreams ruin your life- Cheryl Strayed

Why you’re stuck

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