love frightens me baby

​I’m defective 


A silently raging forest fire

By earthly standards, I’m too lit

Lit aint good doe


I can only be admired from afar

Was I brought on this earth to just burn? 

Until I’m a wisp of a soul?

To break in all the important places?

In the middle of a race

Or was I brought here as a necessary evil

To jolt life into people ?

My chest is an endless pit where the world’s miseries are absorbed 
Like an emotional black hole

And I don’t know why I do this

Put out the world’s screaming fires

Like a fire-swallower

I need to channel all this energy
Light all the candles 

Sear shut all the gaps in this world 

Warm up the earth 

Before I go back to sleep 

Or die 

Whichever comes first

Respond to love frightens me baby

Fire away!

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